Golden Ratio Wellness, formerly Thrive Tribe 419

Using Your Intuition for Healing and Growth

March 18, 2019 Jennifer Rosevink, BA, Medical Intuitive, Medium, and Reiki Master/Teacher Season 3 Episode 56
Golden Ratio Wellness, formerly Thrive Tribe 419
Using Your Intuition for Healing and Growth
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Have you ever felt like your healthcare provider was trying to put a bandaid on your mental health issues, rather than trying to help you resolve them for good? Nobody wants to be in counseling or on medication for the rest of their lives.

Ancient wisdom coupled with cutting-edge research is showing us there is hope, and we want to share this information with the world.

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This course gives you a chance to learn the basics of "lifestyle medicine" to support healing.

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Episode 56: Using Intuition with Jennifer Rozevink

By: Jennifer Rozevink (borrowed from Selenite & Sage Facebook Page).
Why reinvent the wheel?  This really sums up our conversation very well! -Rose

The biggest question to date has been, what do you do? What is Energy Consulting? Well, it’s a lot of things. Because absolutely EVERYTHING is energy. 

What I can do, is observe energy. I can feel energy in my being. I listen and talk to energy. I witness the energetic sum of an experience, a moment of time, from ANY time. I communicate with what is all present in that moment. 

So, what all forms of energy do I interact with to be more specific? The client! If asked to, I can see what is going on energetically in and around one’s being. Deceased and living loved ones, if they are willing. Pets and animals, if they are willing. Nature, trees, plants, insects the land your home is on. The beings that live and stay on the land. Angels, and all forms of divine guidance from all places. Seemingly innate objects such as belongings or furniture. And yes, things that don’t seem so loving or nice. However, I absolutely handle everything with love.

I do this with the goal of moving everything and everyone in that moment closer

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