Golden Ratio Wellness, formerly Thrive Tribe 419

Holistic Health Basics for Optimal Mental Wellness, Ep. 53 (Season 3 Premier)

February 04, 2019 Rose Hollo, BA Holistic Health, MBA Season 3 Episode 53
Golden Ratio Wellness, formerly Thrive Tribe 419
Holistic Health Basics for Optimal Mental Wellness, Ep. 53 (Season 3 Premier)
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Thanks to Deep Roots Wellness, "A Holistic Approach to Mental Health" for underwriting the Thrive Tribe 419 podcast so that we may remain a FREE educational service to Northwest Ohio and beyond.  And, most of all, thanks to YOU (our listener) for tuning in!  We believe YOU hold the power to achieving ultimate wellness and we're here to support you in your journey. This podcast is never intended to diagnose or treat any health problem. Please seek out a professional if you need one.

Have you ever felt like your healthcare provider was trying to put a bandaid on your mental health issues, rather than trying to help you resolve them for good? Nobody wants to be in counseling or on medication for the rest of their lives.

Ancient wisdom coupled with cutting-edge research is showing us there is hope, and we want to share this information with the world.

***We are excited to announce that we'll be offering an ONLINE HOLISTIC MENTAL HEALTH COURSE!***

This course gives you a chance to learn the basics of "lifestyle medicine" to support healing.

In a series of seven interesting, fun, and interactive lessons, you will:

-Learn what the holistic approach to mental health is all about, including a primer on what the mind, body, and soul really are, and how they work together.

-Set a goal for your mental health and work toward it.
Find out how to partner with a professional (if you wish) to be a health detective team, looking for clues and actively working to solve your deeply rooted issues.

-Learn how to nourish your body's organs, including your brain, to support your mood and encourage healing from within.

​-Practice journaling to be self-reflective and accountable for your daily habits and choices.

-Try a variety of holistic health modalities.

-Share challenges and successes in a supportive online group format.

-Learn about the history of psychiatry and considerations if you wish to discontinue medication for a mental health condition.

If you are interested in being a part of our first class, we are taking applications now! Please email and tell us why you'd like to participate.

Launch date and details will be announced in a private email to our applicants.

If you're interested in supporting the not-for-profit efforts of this podcast through wellness business marketing opportunities, please email with "Podcast Commercial" in the subject line.

Here's the Fullscipt Protocol for supplements that may help.

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Be sure to visit me at my website, or on Instagram or Facebook.

Book a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call with me, Dr. Rose, to see if working together would be a great fit!

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