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Tapping Out Addiction, The Opioid Epidemic w/Matt Hollo, Ep. 49

July 23, 2018 Matt Hollo, M.Ed., LPCC, EFT-Int Season 2 Episode 49
Thrive Tribe 419
Tapping Out Addiction, The Opioid Epidemic w/Matt Hollo, Ep. 49
Show Notes
According to CDC stats, Opioids killed 42 thousand Americans in 2016. Celebrities like Prince and Tom Petty shone a light on a problem that is invading so many average peoples' lives, even right here in Northwest Ohio. Opioid addiction can and does happen to anyone, rich or poor, famous, or next door neighbor. It can take only 5 days to become addicted, many times to a prescription written by a doctor for a week or more. In this episode, our Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor discusses the signs and symptoms of addiction, how people get addicted, and how professionals help them get clean. Rose discusses the use of natural remedies to help with pain as opposed to pharmaceutical products. Please keep in mind this information is for educational purposes only, and does not replace the advice of your healthcare provider or your own research.

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