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Power & Control (Domestic Violence Signs & Assistance) w/Matt Hollo, Ep. 41

May 28, 2018 Matt Hollo, M.Ed., LPCC, EFT-Int Season 1 Episode 41
Thrive Tribe 419
Power & Control (Domestic Violence Signs & Assistance) w/Matt Hollo, Ep. 41
Show Notes
Do you know someone who is being abused? Matt Hollo, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and experienced offenders treatment group facilitator, explains the Duluth "Power and Control Wheel." This wheel shows aspects of subtle mistreatment that lead to physical and sexual violence. We discuss how to safely help yourself or someone who is in danger. He also covers the generalities of the Duluth "Nonviolence (Equality) Wheel."

This podcast was recorded live on Facebook and the extended video showing behind-the-scenes footage is available at

If you need immediate help, call 911.

For counseling regarding domestic violence (victims or offenders, kids, couples), call Matt with Deep Roots Wellness at 419-239-2113 to set up a free 15 minute consultation. Visit for more information.

If you need report abuse or get away from an unsafe situation, please contact one of these organizations while you are in a safe location, on a password protected device (or use a public phone or computer if necessary):
House of Ruth: 1-877-988-5559 (NW Ohio area)
RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800-656-HOPE (4673)
Comprehensive Crisis Care: 419-592-8336 (NW Ohio area)
Defiance/Paulding County Job & Family Services: 800-342-0160
Sarah's House Victims of Crime: 419-782-0911 (NW Ohio area)
Teen Line: 24 hour confidential information: 877-419-7233
Center for Child & Family Advocacy: 419-592-0540 (NW Ohio area)

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