Golden Ratio Wellness, formerly Thrive Tribe 419

Yoga Practice, Not Yoga Perfect

June 05, 2019 Heather Miller-Klingler Season 3 Episode 61
Golden Ratio Wellness, formerly Thrive Tribe 419
Yoga Practice, Not Yoga Perfect
Show Notes

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On this podcast episode, Heather and Rose sit down to chat about how "celebrating the average" becomes increasingly important in this world dominated by media that puts a spotlight on perfection.

Heather transitioned from a high-stress career in broadcast journalism to a career in yoga.  She discusses how she was able to take her outer persona and work on transforming and healing her inner self to match, by learning to love and embrace her body and her struggles.

Heather believes in "showing up as you are," plus-size acceptance, how any body, gender, or age can be a yoga body, how pranayama ( breathing) helped her tackle anxiety, and what "yin" yoga is all about and how it helped heal a serious injury.  She shares insights from working with students of all ages and body types, and how she is working to show people that yoga really is for anyone who has the desire to learn.


Thank you to all our listeners!   Our next episode will be in August, as Rose is taking some time off.  She hopes you will consider doing the same!   :-)

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