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The Self-Care Secret at Your Fingertips (Self care is not selfish)! w/ Matt Hollo, Ep. 47
July 09, 2018 Matt Hollo, M.Ed., LPCC, EFT-Int
Does the thought of doing "self care" stress you out even more? Taking care of yourself should be something you look forward to, instead of another "chore" on your to-do list!

On this episode, Matt (a mental health counselor) and I go over some simple, yet common, self-care strategies, and then Matt introduces us to one strategy that blows everything else out of the water (in our not-so-humble opinions)!

Wait for it.....!

This podcast is sponsored by Deep Roots Wellness: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health. To check out what our mind-body-spirit Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor can do for you, please visit He accepts insurance, all ages! 419-239-2113 in Defiance, Ohio.

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