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Ear Infections 101 w/ Dr. Tyler Schwanz, DC
June 04, 2018 Dr. Tyler Schwanz, DC
Do your kids get frequent ear infections? Is your baby constantly tugging on his or her ear? Want to know natural ways to support ear health before turning to antibiotics or tubes? Listen in as a father and chiropractor talks about how having a child has changed the he relates to parents facing a scary (and painful) situation with their children, and how chiropractic is a great way to prevent chronic ear infections. He also informs us about whether or not swimmers' ear is a traditional ear infection, and how we can deal with that type of issue.

Dr. Tyler asked us to share these resources:

Photos of "otitis media" (middle ear infection) and a visual of the child Eustachian tube vs. the adult Eustachian tube:

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