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Never Again: A Panel Discussion on Gun Violence Prevention in NW Ohio, Ep. 410
May 21, 2018 Rachel Gagnon, Toby Hoover, Rev. Kristine Eggert
There are many differing opinions about how to prevent gun violence in Northwest Ohio. There's little chance of making progress without discussion. We're starting the conversation with three of Ohio's leaders on the gun violence prevention front lines.

Rachel Gagnon is the Local Group Lead for Toledo Chapter of Moms Demand Action. She supports the 2nd Ammendment but advocates for common sense solutions. MDA is comprised of nearly 4 million supporters nationwide, including parents, nonparents, men, women, students, survivors, and gun owners, etc. They are an evidence-based group and operate under the umbrella of Everytown for Gun Safety. Learn more at

Toby Hoover is an advocate, activist, survivor of gun violence victim, found and retired executive director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence (OCAGV). The Coalition was formed in 1996 with a mission to reduce gun violence through education, advocacy, and public awareness. OCAGV is a non-profit statewide organization working with partners and supporters to save lives through policy and culture change. To learn more, visit, "OhioCeaseFire" on Twitter and Facebook.

Rev. Kristine "Kris" Eggert is the Executive Director of God Before Guns, a multi-faith coalition of individuals and faith communities working to reduce gun violence in Cleveland, Ohio. She supported students effected by the Chardon school shooting. Her violence activism has brought her into many faith communities, the Statehouse in Columbus, and the Halls of Congress. You can find out more about her organization at or on Facebook at "God Before Guns."

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