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Taco 'bout Weird, w/ Q&A featuring Dr. Jenny Pfleghaar (Holistic Health Monthly)
April 30, 2018 Rose Hollo
We're getting weird this week. Mind-body-soul-community! We cover a huge amount of ground: bone broth, menstrual sponges and cups, poop, supplement safety & affordability (and what some manufacturers are sneaking into their pills), MTHFR mutations, and our big fat Portland, Oregon trip, complete with Air B&B, amazing food, fantastic art, tiny house hotel, weird and wacky plants (the food kind and the smoking kind), pedestrian right-of-way, disappointing island, public transportation, and traveling with a toddler. Phew!

Many thanks to Dr. Jenny Pfleghaar, "Integrative Doctor Mom" for answering our questions. Check her out at

Thanks to my co-host Matt Hollo. Check him out at

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