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Ft. Wayne for the Fun of It w/Dan Mobley, Ep. 32
March 05, 2018 Dan Mobley AKA "Danny Parker"
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This week's guest is Dan Mobley (AKA "Danny Parker"), and 11 to 7 is his show.

He gives us plenty of insider info on his show (which is still pre-launch), talks about the creative process, and suggests a couple fun things to do that are within a one-tank trip from Northwest Ohio.

About the TV show:
"In this fast-paced half hour program… I choose a destination and proceed to sample some of the things that make it unique. And to make it even more fun I invite interesting guests to join me. 11 to 7 refers to 11 am to 7 pm. That’s all the time we have to drive some really cool cars, sample flavors of local restaurants, experience points of interest, and soak up all the atmosphere we can find."

If you're on a budget but still expect great service and good food, Dan suggests trying out one of Don Hall's fine dining establishments, which can be found in various locations throughout Ft. Wayne.

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