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All Bodies are Beautiful w/ Ashlee D Wells, 4th Trimester Bodies Project, Ep. 31
February 19, 2018 Ashlee D Wells
Special announcement: On Monday, February 19th, Ashlee's surviving twin Nova is having brain surgery. On behalf of the Thrive Tribe 419 podcast, we'd like to extend our most heartfelt offering of love, prayers, Reiki, juju, mojo, and whatever else we can muster for Nova, Ashlee, and their family. We wish Nova a successful surgery and a peaceful recovery. #savingsupernova

Join us for an epic interview with Thrive Tribe 419 podcast's favorite internationally acclaimed photographer (plus author, producer, feminist, and storyteller): Ashlee Dean Wells from the 4th Trimester Bodies Project. Ashlee and Rose get down to business discussing how Ashlee thrives, the story of her twin-to-twin transfusion pregnancy and the loss of one baby, the 4th Trimester Bodies Project, inter-sectional feminism, not suddenly "coming out" as queer (even though some of us misunderstood), non-binary parenting, and caring for a child with special needs while caring for her own needs.

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Thanks to this week's sponsor, Matt Hollo, LPCC, MEd, EFT-Int :

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