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Backpack Buddies w/Carrie Wetstein, Exec.Dir. United Way Def. Co., Ep. 26
January 08, 2018 Carri Wetstein
Hungry kids in NW Ohio? This may be a bigger problem than many of us realize! In eye-opening interview, we learned how many kids in Defiance County are struggling with hunger on a daily basis, and what local community members and organizations are doing to help alleviate this issue.

Carrie Wetstein, the Executive Director of the United Way of Defiance County is a natural behind the microphone with a gift of real-life storytelling. You'll be moved and your heartstrings will be tugged!

If you'd like to see photos of a "stuffing party" in action and read even more about these hunger superheroes, please order a copy of the Farmland News! Ask for the Backpack Buddies issue. Call 419-445-9456 and have it delivered to your door.

Visit to learn more about the United Way of Defiance County and their 26 programs!

Special thanks to Matt Hollo, M.Ed. LPCC for sponsoring this week's episode.

Thank you to these amazing Northwest Ohio organizations and businesses who are true hunger superheroes: Women's Giving Circle, St. John United Church of Christ, Aldi, Promedica Defiance Regional Hospital, ReMax Realtors, Kohls Cares, Defiance Fire Department, Toledo Symphony, and all the local groups who participate in stuffing the bags.

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