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Resolving to be Shameless w/ Sara Dean, Shameless Mom Academy, Ep. 25
January 01, 2018 Sara Dean: Shameless Mom Academy
What is a shameless mom, and is it the same as being selfish (and is it really a "bad thing)? How can we (especially moms) change from habits of self-neglect to self-care, and how does the Shameless Mom thrive in her daily life? How is she helping her child to live shamelessly amid gender stereotypes? We go even deeper, exploring feminism, people-pleasing, needless apologies, giving ourselves permission, resolutions vs. goals, and priorities. It's one of the BEST episodes we ever published and I know if you're a mom, you'll love it.

Sara Dean, our guest, is the creator and host of the Shameless Mom Academy Podcast, which has been featured in 5 categories of iTunes New & Noteworthy for over a year now. Sara's biggest passion is helping women own their space. After enduring her own identity crises following the birth of her son, Sara took her background in psychology/health/wellness (my kind of woman!), and rebuilt her identity one step at a time. Sara motivates and inspires women to stop shrinking and start growing. She is on a mission to inspire women and moms, in particular, to live bigger, better, bolder, braver, #everydamnday.

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