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Is This Normal? (Women's Pelvic Health) w/ Dr. Alisha Bruhl, Ep. 23
December 11, 2017 Dr. Alisha Bruhl, PT
What are the signs & symptoms of pelvic dysfunction? Is this a women-only, postpartum-only issue? Is endometriosis something that a physical therapist can treat? What would you expect at a physical therapy appointment?

Our guest, Dr. Alisha Bruhl is a Physical Therapist at 3D Wellness, and a mom of a beautiful 10 month old baby boy. She's passionate about helping people live active, healthy, and happy lives without movement problems or pain holding them back.

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If you'd like to contact Dr. Bruhl, you can email her at, call her at 419-318-7019, our find her on Facebook and Instragram under ElitePTToledo and 3DWellnessWomen'sHealth, 3D4Women.

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