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Simple Tips for a Non-Toxic Life w/ Danielle Small, CHA, Ep. 21
November 27, 2017 Danielle Small, CHA
Danielle Small explains what a non-toxic life is, and why it's so important. She goes deeper by talking about relationships, social media, being sealed into our homes in the winter, deciphering ingredients in personal care products and cleaners, and dealing with anxiety. Danielle has always had sensitive skin and figured out how to make her own nontoxic skin care products using essential oils. She then moved on to cleaning products, and is now a Certified Holistic Aromatherapist. She suggests trying the app "Think Dirty" and Rose talks about the "Healthy Living" App by the Environmental Working Group. Danielle also suggests checking out the website: to see some cool hydrogren peroxide experiments. If you'd like to contact Danielle, go to *If you liked this episode, please hit that subscribe button! Reviews on iTunes are very much appreciated. This helps others decide whether or not our podcast is worth their time. Thanks! Music Credit:
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