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Happiness & Yoga w/ Erin Wiley, LPCC, Ep. 15
October 17, 2017 Erin Wiley, LPCC
Erin Wiley is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Northwest Ohio whose areas of expertise include marriage counseling, family therapy, parenting coaching, and adolescent issues. She speaks to groups across the country on topics related to improving marriages and strengthening families. She has been featured in many NW Ohio publications and news stories, and was recently featured in an article on In this episode, Erin explains how yoga can help beat depression and anxiety by boosting dopamine- one our feel-good hormones! Yoga is a great way to help oneself battle the blues. In therapy sessions with clients, Erin incorporates techniques used in yoga such as mindfulness, meditation, and breathing to help clients learn how to relax and feel better- Even sleep better! Erin recommends doing a yoga session three times per week to see noticeable benefits. Erin thrives in the 419 by trying lots of restaurants. Her local Maumee, Ohio favorites are La Siesta (great salsa) and Sahara (yummy Chicken Schwarma). If you'd like to check out Erin's services online or contact her, please visit or Please leave a review on iTunes or Facebook if you enjoyed this episode and would like to let others know it's worth their time. Current sponsor: Visit their website to sign up for the VIP Circle and get 20% off your next order. Also, type TT419 in a message to the seller, and they will donate 30% of your purchase to help keep this podcast cranking out new episodes! It's a win-win for all. Check out our brand new website at Music Credit:
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