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Live from Foodie Fest Defiance 2017, Ep. 11
September 17, 2017 The Thrive Tribe
This episode features YOU! Hear the voices of Thrive Tribe 419 listeners tell you all about Foodie Fest and how they're thriving in Northwest Ohio. You'll also hear some samplings of great live music from the fest. Guests include Renee Zimmerman, Breanna Fisher, Sarah Manes, Jim and Laurel Brehler, Kelly Vandermark, Shelly Rigg, Gracie Killion, Dave and Roselynn Wachtman, Danielle Small, Athena Seimet, and of course, "Beetroot" Brooke Gordon, who pulled the whole thing off with great success! Mentioned in episode: Defiance's Food Co-Op: Contact Dorothy Singer Naturally Simplified: Dos Eppis: Canal Junction Farmstead: Artemesia: Beetroot: Dr. White: Get 50% off your first EFT tapping session with Matt if you schedule before Oct. 1, 2017. Email Music artists include Gilly, Jerome Schooly, Dave Carpenter, Robert Chase, and Bowen Schultz. Theme music credit:
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