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Emotional Freedom Techniques w/ Matt Hollo, Ep 3
July 05, 2017 Matt Hollo, M. Ed., LPCC, CEFTP
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Listen in on my counselor-husband and me having a conversation about the psychology and practice of EFT tapping in our lives, the science behind it, and how it works. We get nerdy and give a ton of information on this cutting edge technique for getting to the bottom of what holds us back from living our best lives. There is also banter about man buns, embarrassing behavior in public, marital discord, love twinkles, janky YouTube videos, and more. We pre-apologize for too much information. #sorrynotsorry Please leave a review if you enjoy the podcast! Email Matt: Resources mentioned in this podcast: Thrive Tribe 419 on Instagram Deep Roots Wellness channel on Deep Roots Wellness on Facebook Credits: Music by No money was exchanged to mention people or organizations. This podcast is paid for and produced out of the host's own pocket.
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